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Direct Deposit Details:

Account Name: Ghana Relief Fund

Commonwealth Bank Australia

BSB number: 065006

A/C number: 10196689



We are very pleased to advise that all donations of $2 or more to Australian Sponsorship 4 African Kids Ltd Ghana Relief Fund are now tax deductible.


It has taken time and hard work but we have now met the very stringent approval guidelines to be recognised by the relevant Australian Government departments as an approved Overseas Aid Fund.


​This process has involved establishing strict controls over our funds both here and in Ghana along with the establishment of Child Protection Policies and Anti-Money laundering procedures.


It is a condition of our tax deductibility that the funds donated to the Ghana Relief Fund are put towards the long term economic development of Ghana.​


We have established strong ties with a school in Ghana and we are providing funding for teachers to educate children who would not otherwise receive an education. The children then have the opportunity to use their education for the long term benefit of Ghana.


​A common question for us and many other tax deductible aid funds is what portion of the funds donated actually reaches the intended beneficiaries. As a small organisation with a very “hands on” Board we operate with minimal overheads or other costs. We have no paid directors or staff, no rent, no electricity nor other office costs. A number of our Board members donate not only their own time but the use of their offices, computer systems, administration staff etc free of charge so that AS4AK incurs none of these costs incurred by many larger aid funds.


All funds received are deposited into our account with one of the major Australian banks and then periodically transferred direct to a bank account in Ghana under the control of the Director of the school in Ghana. A number of the Board Members of AS4AK have direct personal contact with her. She is required to report formally once a quarter to us on the use of our funds. Board members of AS4AK as well as some of our supporters and other volunteers have visited the school and provide us with first hand reports on the school.


​Nothing is perfect but by keeping our costs to an absolute minimum and maintaining direct contact with the people actually spending our funds we are confident that our donors funds are being used for the purpose intended.

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