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About AS4AK

Australian Sponsorship for African Kids (known as AS4AK) is a South Australian-based charitable organisation committed to helping poor and disadvantaged children in Ghana. Since its formation, our charity has assisted in the building of a large multi-functional educational facility known as Nana’s House, and the associated provision of a before and after school academic and vocational program, in the poor fishing village of Chorkor, Accra in Ghana. 

Our objective is to help provide an after school academic and vocational program centre where children can incorporate academics, visual arts, music and dance, sports, sewing and computer work as part of their education. 

AS4AK does not have any overheads or operational costs, apart from the unavoidable bank fees and insurance premiums. The Board members all volunteer our time and services. So, it is most gratifying that every dollar raised is applied directly for the benefit of the children at Nana’s House.

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